Activities of Committee

Social Activities Committee
Committee Chair: Shiro Maruyama (Benesse InfoShell Co.,Ltd.)
Promote Information transmission, social contribution activities, as well as international collaboration and cooperation with other organizations. Specifically putting efforts into activities as below
・response to public comments
・organize seminars
・social action program
- participation in public work projects
- educational activities
- support instructor training
- delegate lecturer to the seminars
・international collaboration

<working group>
  • Future Predictions on Upcoming Security Threats Project
  • Security Awareness Working Group
  • Instructor of ”Information Security Promotion Project for Small and Medium Enterprises”Working Group

Survey and Research Committee
Committee Chair:Norihiko Maeda (FFRI,Inc.)
Undertake survey activities and research on information security issues. Besides “Survey Report of Information Security Incident” and “Information Security Market Survey” (published annually), conduct survey on products and services, and hold seminars. In addition, technical research on new technology such as IPv6 and cloud computing, secure use of smart-phone and social networking, research on insider threats are conducted. In addition, studies on “Technological Singularity (Year 2045 issues)”, Security research for “Internet of Things”, and continuous research on Information Security Threats are also started in 2014.

<working group>
  • Security Incident Investigation Working Group
  • Security Market Survey Working Group
  • Employee Fraud / Human Error Working Group
  • IoT Security Working Group
  • Database Security Working Group

Standards Investigation Committee
Committee Chair:Koji Nakao(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
JNSA promotes the survey of continuous customers’ needs and provide "practical standards and guidelines" focusing on the specific sectors and applications rather than providing a general international standards. More specifically, identifying several topics in view of JNSA standards point, we are aiming to provide "best practices" to our members. As the output of our activities, we will provide Security Guidelines and Security Baselines for each specific sector and/or application. Furthermore, collaborating with international standardization bodies, JNSA will further promote and enrich these activities including supports for international standards/guidelines.

<working group>
  • Identity Management for information Security Working Group
  • International Collaborations Working Group
  • Electronic Signature Working Group
  • Secure Programming Working Group
  • PKI Inter-operative Technology Working Group
Education Committee
Committee Chair:Toshihiro Hirayama (Accenture Japan Ltd)
To develop human resources in the field of information security to meet the social demands, examine the required knowledge and skill. By collaborating JNSA-academic projects, it shall share the results of examination with JNSA members, and eventually to the society.

<working group>
  • Information Security Education Proof Working Group
  • Information Security Educational Research Working Group
  • Activation of Woman in IT, Information Security Career Working Group
JNSA Interactive Committee
Committee Chair:Shingo Koya(Mamezou Holdings Co.,Ltd.)
Encourage sound development of the information security industry and enhance services to the JNSA members. In particular, organize seminars, interactive meeting, and information-exchange. This committee is in charge of planning and running a promotion web-site of security products which provided by our member company, in addition, providing matrix chart of products and various security guidelines and best practices. This committee also conducts research on business challenge for small-medium companies in security industry to help business of our members.

<working group>
  • Information Security Literacy Check Working Group
  • JNSA Solution Guide Utilization Working Group
  • Business Challenge Working Group

Western Japan Branch
Committee Chair:Fumihiro Shimakura (FUJITSU KANSAI-CHUBU NET-TECH LIMITED)
With the support of member firms based in the west Japan, the goal of the JNSA Western Japan Branch is to promote activities focused on small and medium enterprises that maintain/ improve security levels in the network society of west Japan, to pursue advancements and respond to ever-increasing information security needs, and to offer high-quality services to association members and the community.

<working group>
  • Planning and Operations Working Group
  • Information Security Sample Policy Working Group

U40 Committee
Committee Chair:Hironori Sugiyama (NEC Nexsolutions, Ltd.)
The goal of U40 committee is to promote rejuvenation of JNSA, to activate young members, and to make opportunities for broad networking among other members.

<working group>
  • JNSA Lab Net Working Group
  • Seminar Planning Working Group

JNSA Internship
JNSA conducts an internship program for students in collaboration with our member companies. This program offers experience in information security industry and aims to provide knowledge and understanding of the industry to students and support recruitment of our members. This program also provides opportunities for having meeting and discussion with companies and joining a tour for member companies. Only)

Security Contest (SECCON)
JNSA holds the largest CTF (Capture the Flag) contest “SECCON” in Japan which any of ages, belongings, and jobs (from students to workers) can join. In preliminary contest, there are special contests for women, juniors, and seniors in addition to general regional preliminary contests. Only)