Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the "Fiscal 2006 Information Security Incident Survey Report ver2.0"

Thank you for using the "Information Security Incident Survey Report."

We have prepared this FAQ to answer particularly frequent questions or questions to which we believe the answers to be of particular use for many readers. If you have any questions or inquiries, please be sure to read this FAQ first, after which we encourage you to contact us.

While we will answer questions related to the content of our report, we cannot answer questions about individual information security issues or whether your organization's information leakage incident was one of those included in our survey. Thank you for your understanding.

Q1: How may I use the survey data included in your report?
You may inquire through the "JNSA Report Citation and Inquiry Form" located elsewhere on this website.
The materials published by the JNSA may be freely used insofar as the objectives/ content of such usage does not breach public order or morals. However, all attributions must be clearly and properly included.
To the extent no objections arise, the Association will not provide any written consent notification. Thank you for your understanding.
Q2: What commercial applications are allowed with respect to the report and statistical data therein?
We have no objections to including information from this report in product pamphlets and/ or sales presentation materials, or printing this report and distributing it free of charge as a part of your sales activities. However, all attributions must be clearly and properly included.
We do not authorize or give permission for printing and selling this report.
Q3: How should we link to the report through the Internet?
Please link to our top page ( or to the top page of the report (
Please refrain from linking directly to the report PDF file.
Q4: Can you provide us with your statistical data?
We do not presently provide statistical data to any third parties.
(We are considering means to do this in the future)
Q5: Is our organization's information leakage incident included in your report? Do you have any analysis results for particular industries?
Unfortunately, we cannot respond to individual inquiries such as these.
Q6: Your graph regarding information leakage routes includes a category described as “FD and other portable recordable media.” Do notebook PCs come under this category?
No, notebook PCs come under the PC (MACHINE) category.
Q7: How did you determine the industry names?
Industry categories were made according to the categorization chart of the Japan Standard Industry Classification (Revised March 2002).
The chart may be found at the Statistic Bureau website
Q8: Private information leakage incidents occurring in the prior year have also been included. For what reason?
The standard for collecting statistics on private information leakage incidents was based on the date that the incident became public knowledge, rather than the date of occurrence.