Message from President

Dr. Hidehiko Tanaka
President, JNSA
(Institute of Information Security)

Dr.Hidehiko Tanaka

Importance of information security has been discussed in many places for many years. And there have been a lots of advanced security products and solutions out there. Also in organizations, various security measures has already been deployed. It looks, so far, working.

However, I think those measures may not be working enough nor perfect even for days without update, because new threats are evolving in every seconds. Since they are primarily done by human, there are no 'perfect' security at all.

Serious information leaks and security breaches in some global enterprises or public organizations were still reported in recent years. It suggests that the basics for protecting information security has not really been a common sense yet. We need to know that even a pin hole in almost perfect system can be a critical vulnerability. Also we need to know that considering and establishing right culture among people will be important to keep those measures working. Especially, it will be critical for global organizations.

Recent security issues are global and also social problem. Cyber Attacks are no longer experimental nor for curiosity but for money, political or social protests to businesses and governments. And moreover, some of attacks are apparently committed by state sponsored groups for certain purposes.

On the other hand, Information around individuals are easily collected by evolving social networks such as Facebook. Those personal information is sometimes used by businesses to evaluate individuals without any consent. I think it is not just a privacy issue but includes some basic social issues unsolved. In those circumstances, keeping information security and developing an information society in right way is critical to our daily lives and businesses.

JNSA, as a pioneering society of companies who provide information security solution, have been contributing to developing better information security in Japan from many aspects. We provide many security tips, guidelines, incident statistics, and research reports through voluntary working groups of our members. We also provide seminars, workshops, conferences of information security in response to the demands of the times. With those activities, I believe, we are highly appreciated and expected by our society.

I, as a president, will be lavish in helping development of JNSA and our information security industry. I hope you will be with us to establish better and secure IT environments.