Member Code of Conduct

The goal of JNSA is to contribute to the Information Society by working to maintain and improve network security levels in Japan's network society, spreading awareness about information security throughout Japan, while at the same time disseminating information about the latest information security technologies and threats to information security. Accordingly, we have established the following Code of Conduct for our members to act as examples for others. Our members shall endeavor to obey these principles, and maintain an example worthy of membership in the Association.

JNSA Members shall:

  1. Establish their own information security policies, and endeavor to operate as an example to others.
  2. Have clear procedures for handling customer and other important information, and endeavor to properly manage such.
  3. Endeavor to maintain/ improve information security with respect to their products and services.
  4. Endeavor to maintain/ improve information security with respect their Internet Websites, mail servers, etc.
  5. Obey all laws and regulations related to information security.
  6. Continually educate and train individuals within their organizations about established information security policies and procedures.
  7. Not tolerate cracking or similarly illegal acts, endeavoring to eliminate the practice of such.