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Cybersecurity Laboratory of NICT(Japan's sole national research insutitute) tries to grasp the real-time image of cyber attacks by original visualization systems using network/darknet monitoring and malware analysis.

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Cybersecurity Laboratory of NICT is working on R&D for cybersecurity techniques to cope with sophisticated cyberattacks and unknown and potential threats, such as ones for emerging IoT devices.  We also work to automate countermeasures against cyberattacks by collecting, accumulating, and analyzing large amounts of information on diversified cyberattacks, including indiscriminate and targeted ones. Moreover, we verify the effectiveness of our research outcomes by applying them to our own cyberattack analysis, and then disseminate them to society.

As one of our research areas, in order to reinforce the capabilities for responding to cyberattacks against governments or critical infrastructures, we work on R&D for visualization-driven security operation techniques, security techniques for IoT devices, etc. in addition to the active and exhaustive monitoring, machine-learning based analysis, and analysis across multiple information sources.

You can check more about our research outcomes on NICT exhibitor's page.


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