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RSA Conference 2021 May 17-20 Virtual Experience


Secure Productivity

Our simple, affordable solution helps today’s digital businesses rise to the challenges of securing productivity, and thus profitability, in today’s complex IT environments.

Products / Services

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

LanScope Cat simplifies and automates how you control your team’s devices in the workplace.  The solution automatically inventories your PCs, laptops, peripherals and software licenses to provide visibility into how users interact with your proprietary data.

The Dashboard Gives You Better Insight

The Dashboard Gives You Better Insight

By looking up LanScope Cat's Dashboard, you can monitor a distribution of OS versions in your organization and delivery status of Windows Patch to machines.  You can also specify a machine to push update without switching multiple screens.


  • Securing the Remote Workforce

  • Human Element

  • Anti-Fraud

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