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RSA Conference 2021 May 17-20 Virtual Experience

AMIYA Corporation

Our goal is to provide security as a competitive advantage for business.  Building on our product marketing ability to develop unique products, Amiya provides both internal threat and external threat countermeasures.

Products / Services


ALog Series : Centralized management of unified log

Only ALog can respond to both internal fraud and external attacks.  If you do not comprehensively handle information leakage / audit response / cyber attack detection, it will be a wasteful diversified investment.


ALog Series : Automated Report

ALog Configure settings in advance to receive automated alerts by email and SNS. Predefined reports allow for regular, automated output without the hassle. Automate audits and monitoring using the report monitoring feature.


  • Analytics, Intelligence & Response

  • X Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Anti-Fraud

  • Policy & Government

  • Cloud Security & Virtualization

  • Risk Management & Governance

11F Tornare Nihonbashi-hamacho, 3-3-2 Nihonbashi-hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN