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Japan Information Security Market 2022 Research Report
Introduction of the WG, excerpts from the report.
JNSA Market Research Overview
・Ongoing since 2004
・Commissioned by METI until 2009
・In 2010, due to the addition of a global survey to the METI request, JNSA declined to participate in the commissioned project
・JNSA started its own survey from FY2010
・In FY2019, JNSA began to consider a survey and analysis based on the new classification while proceeding the existing method
(Beginning in April 2020, activities shifted to teleworking environment due to the spread of COVID-19 infection) 
・After FY2020, activities are ongoing through research and analysis based on the new classification
Security market research by JNSA members, for JNSA members
Continuously capture the security market and the security industry
Utilize the survey results for the benefit of JNSA member companies in their respective businesses
Interact with each other through activities, learn survey methods, and expand knowledge

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