Challenge PKI : Japanese GPKI Test Cases (Rev.2)

Revised on Jul 3, 2004

1. Introduction

In Japan, infrastructure for electronic fillings with GPKI (Governmnet Public Key Infrastructure) has been fully operational from 2002. It satisfies trust requirements for government-to-citizen and government-to-business transactions. GPKI consists of the following organizations which is currently connected to the bridge CA.
Japanese Government
Bridge CA (GPKI BCA)
16 government ministries and agencies cross certified with GPKI BCA
Accredited Commercial Certificate Authorities.
14 accredited commercial certificate authority services cross certified with BCA
Local Government
Root CA (named LGPKI BCA) cross certified with GPKI BCA
Sub CAs for 47 perfectures.
Citizen Card issued by Local Government
Bridge CA (named JPKI BCA) cross certified with GPKI BCA
CAs cross certified with JPKI BCA for 47 perfectures.
(Above data based on Jun 10, 2004)

We 'Challenge PKI Project' have designed testcases to test the interoperability of certificate path validation clients in such environment.

2. Test Cases

Test cases provided here will examine certification path building and validation among selected ten organizations each other.

The special features of this test case set are listed below.
  1. 216 test cases (9 TAs x 24 EEs)
  2. 2 BCAs (i.e. GPKI BCA, JPKI BCA)
  3. 2 Strict Hierarchy Trust Model Sub Domains (i.e. METI, LGPKI)
  4. 1 OCSP Revocation Model Sub Domain (i.e. Commercial Registration(CR))
  5. The 'cRLDistributionPoints' extension contains directoryName, LDAP URI or HTTP URI as fullName.
To see test case matrix, click here

2.1. Special features of certification authorities

Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport
Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecoms
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Justice
Japan Certification Services Accredited Sign 2 Service
Local Government PKI
JPKI Citizen Card

8. Changes from the version released in 2002.

9. Thins To Do

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