Challenge PKI : 6.4. Host table settings with virtual host


When you test using referrals (See here.) '' and '' should be added. For example we assume the IP addresses for the test suite server and the two virtual hosts are below.

6.4.1. Client Host Table Setting

set host table of your client machine as follows.	ldap1

6.4.2. Server Host Table Setting	ldap1	ldap2	ldap3

6.4.3. Checking Connection

Please check whether the following URLs is accessible from certification path validation client host after all repositories were installed.



http://ldap1/cpki/testcase_jgpki2/ *ACCESS FORBIDDEN*

We recommend to check the LDAP repository using 'LDAP Browser' which can be downloaded at the site When you browse 'ldap1' LDAP server you'll see like this.

JNSA/IPA Challenge PKI Test Suite