Challenge PKI : 5.1. Setup LDAP without any virtual host


In the real environment, JCSI, SECOM, JPKI and LGPKI LDAP servers are refered as referral. However there is no referrals in this case.

5.1.1. Setup a LDIF

# 1. move into LDIF data directory for only one LDAP server.

% cd /usr/local/cpki/testcase/cpki2002jpki2/data/ldif/ldap1all (default)

% 2. clear all DITs on the LDAP server 'ldap1'.

% cpki_ldapclean -h ldap1

% 3. set the LDIF file to 'ldap1' LDAP server.

% cpki_ldapadd -h ldap1 -f z.ldif

5.1.2. When you add or modify test data

After you modify the test case database, you need to generate LDIF file and/or TA/EE certificates again. For example, JCSI data which are directory entries and/or cAcertifiate, CRLs and cross certificate pairs have been changed. Run scripts as follows.

# 1. move into LDIF data directory for 'ldap2' server which is

#    fake JCSI repository.	

% cd /usr/local/cpki/testcase/cpki2002jpki2/data/ldif/ldap2 (default)

# 2. delete old data.

% make clean

# 3. rebuild LDIF file.

% make z.ldif

JNSA/IPA Challenge PKI Test Suite