2.1. Setup Testcase Database


The detailed description about a set of database management script are here.

2.1.1. Restore database

Most of the test case set may be provided as a PostgreSQL database dump file. You can create and restore database dump with the following command.

% cpki_dbrevive --file=DBDUMPFILE --db=DBNAME

2.1.2. Create empty database

To create empty database which has only tables with no records type following.

% cpki_dbcreate --db=DBNAME

2.1.3. Backup your database

When you want to make backup of your database, type following.

% cpki_dbdump --db=DBNAME

You will have a file which has the name 'DBNAME.YYMMDD.dmp' as its result.

2.1.4. Database Schema

The database schema definitions including not only lastest one but also historical one can be found in the directory '/usr/local/cpki/lib/db'. The relation between the test suite version and its schema version will be described the table below.

test suite versionschema version